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Collections Restitution

The department is currently managing and collecting on accounts with outstanding financial obligations for court ordered fines, fees and victim restitution.

We receive and process payments and manage the disbursement of the funds to various State, County and local agencies as well as to victims of crime.

Collection Officers are available by telephone to answer any questions regarding your account. Contact information for your Collection Officer can be found on your billing statement. If you do not know who your Collection Officer is, you can call the office site (phone numbers listed below) and ask for the Collection Officer of the day.

Santa Ana Office (SAO):

(714) 569-2000

Manchester Officer Building (MOB):

(714) 935-7411

Juvenile Hall (JH):

(714) 935-6157

North County Field Services Office (NCFSO):

(714) 937-4500

West County Field Services Office (WCFSO):

(714) 896-7500 (Adult Supervision)


(714) 896-7878 (Juvenile Supervision)

South County Field Services Office (SCFSO):

(949) 206-4160

During this time, please utilize the following payment options:


Your credit card and Probation Account information (beginning with A, J, L, or R) must be available to complete your payment.

  Online: Phone: (800) 533-0943


 Payable to: Orange County Probation Department

  Memo: your Probation Account information (beginning with A, J, L, or R) 

Mail to: Orange County Probation Department

P.O. Box 10178

Santa Ana, CA 92711-0178