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The communications team is responsible for ensuring honest, transparent, accurate and timely communication both internally and externally regarding the various functions of the department. 

Internal communications include oversight of the content within the department’s Intranet and outward facing website, providing updates and communications with staff, special events such as our annual Chief’s Awards and publication of the Probation Quarterly Newsletter.

External communications include serving as the primary liaison between the department, the community, interested parties, and the media, responding to inquiries from news media, community stake holders and members of the public. Information is also provided in Probation Department Press Releases.  Requests for information may come as Public Records Act (PRA) requests, inquires from the Contact Us feature on the department’s website or general inquiries from the public. The communications team is also responsible for the coordination of the department’s Speaker’s Cadre which provides staff to schools and community events providing presentations that cover a variety of timely and relevant topics related to the functions of the Probation Department.