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Adult Court

The Adult Court Services Division is comprised of seven units that serve a variety of Court functions.  The Adult Investigations Unit completes reports related to pre-plea and sentencing investigations for the criminal courts.  While the probation officers assigned to the Resident Probation Officers (RPO) Unit represent probation’s interests at the four regional Superior Court Justice Centers throughout Orange County.  The supervision of individuals on probation that are pending transfers within the state or out of state are monitored by the 1203.9 PC - Interstate Compact Unit.  The Pretrial Assessment & Release System (PARS) Unit oversees individuals released under the Court’s Pretrial Release Program. The division also serves as a collaborative partner in the administration of several collaborative courts, including Drug Court, DUI Court, Mental Health Court, and the Veteran’s Treatment Court, which was nationally recognized as a National Association of Drug Court Professionals Mentor Court in 2022, for its work with justice involved combat veterans.