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About Us

About the Orange County Probation 

Vision Statement: A Safer Orange County through Positive Change

Mission Statement: As a Public Safety Agency, the Orange County Probation Department serves the community using effective, research supported rehabilitation practices and collaborative partnerships.

The Orange County Probation Department is dedicated to continuous improvement, searching out and applying “effective and research supported practices" to assist justice involved Juveniles, their families, and adults to successfully navigate and successfully complete probation. Additionally, the Probation Department assists the criminal court system through investigations, probation reports and community supervision of approximately 10,000 adult and 800 juvenile clients on court-ordered probation or in diversion programs

The Probation Department also operates the Orange County Juvenile Hall, and two camps for youth. In addition, there are two Youth Reporting Centers serving North and Central Orange County.

Volunteers play a very important role in helping the Probation Department to reduce crime. The department uses college interns through retirees to assist Probation Officers or to work directly with juvenile or adult probationers who are seeking to change their lives. For more information on our volunteer programs, please visit our "Volunteer Programs" section.