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Juvenile Field Operations

The Juvenile Field Supervision division supervises youthful offenders in the community on formal probation, including probation foster care youth. The Juvenile Field Services Division utilizes evidence-based, trauma-informed, family-focused strategies to aid in the wellness and rehabilitation of youth and families who find themselves involved in the juvenile justice system. Throughout the supervision process, deputy probation officers serve as youth advocates, case managers and supervision officers for their clients. Additionally, the Probation Department connects youth and families to a wide variety of low or no-cost programs and services aimed at limiting or eliminating contact with the justice system. 

In addition, this division is also responsible for Probation's Youth Reporting Center (YRC) locations. The YRCs provide services for youthful offenders in violation, or with a high-risk potential for ongoing delinquency, as well as transitional aftercare services for youth released from juvenile institutions. Additionally, programs are provided that offer alternatives to confinement such as the Accountability Commitment Program, which allows offenders to be released home on electronic confinement to a day-treatment program.