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Special Supervision

The Special Supervision Division (SSD) supervises the following high-risk client populations: adult and juvenile gang members, adult sex offenders, adult domestic violence clients and adult high control (weapons convictions, violence convictions/history of violence, violent mentally ill) clients. This division provides the following department-wide services for appropriate populations: Global Positioning System (GPS) Monitoring Center, Supervised Electronic Confinement (SEC), Radio Dispatch Center, Proposition 63 (firearm relinquishment initiative) compliance, Forensic Devices Analysis, and K-9 operations.

The GPS Monitoring Center oversees clients on GPS for tracking and enhanced supervision purposes and is operated pursuant to Penal Code (PC) 1210.07. SEC is an electronic home detention program for adults (i.e., house arrest) and is operated pursuant to PC 1203.016, where clients committed to a county jail or other county correctional facility, or granted probation, may voluntarily participate in a home detention program during their sentence, in lieu of confinement in the county jail. Additionally, clients under formal supervision may be required to wear a GPS tracking device as an additional term of their supervision.