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Juvenile Court Services

The Juvenile Court Services Division provides a number of essential functions. This division provides intake screening services for all youth referred by law enforcement agencies for alleged violations of the law, conducts preliminary investigations to determine if further referrals to the District Attorney and Court are necessary, provides Juvenile Court Officers to the Juvenile Court, conducts investigations for the Juvenile Court, administers Youth Development Court and Juvenile Recovery Court, and monitors diversion, non-ward supervision, deferred entry of judgment, juvenile interstate compact, and administrative cases. 

The Probation Department further promotes a collaborative approach to addressing the complex issues of crime and delinquency through partnerships with federal, state, local, and community-based agencies. To that end, by creating an environment of trust and advocacy, and one where the Probation Department leverages all available resources in an effort to envelop youth with support, we work in partnership to enhance the likelihood of success.

Preventing youth from entering the juvenile justice system has a meaningful impact on their long-term success. In response, the Probation Department has been actively engaged in diverting youth from the system and toward receiving support at home and through community-based organizations.