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Probation Community Action Association (PCAA)

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Established in September 1993, the Probation Community Action Association is a private, non-profit support group to the Orange County Probation Department. It assists the Probation Department by helping youth and rebuilding families. The PCAA and Probation have become a "winning team" and encourage other Orange County residents to join in the battle to reduce youth crime and violence. To find out more about PCAA click here.

Ongoing PCAA Projects

Significant projects undertaken by the Probation Community Action Association (PCAA):

Family Assistance Fund Click on image to view flyer

The Family Assistance Fund joins the community in sponsoring and attendance at the annual Youth Luncheon where teens attend to show their achievements to the public at display tables and a guest speaker motivates them to have hope and a future.

  • Filling teen request for basic needs (clothing, food, etc).
  • Funding Special Teen projects
  • Providing new sleeping bags for teens who do not have a bed.
  • School supplies and school clothing.


PCAA'S Christmas "adopt a family program" works with corporations or individuals to adopt families from five local organizations. This highly successful program reaches close to a thousand family members providing clothing, blankets, toiletries, toys, gift cards and other needs. This program is also used throughout the year for special teen requests. PCAA thanks the OC corporations and community members for their faithful involvement in this heartfelt program.


  • "PAWS" Pups & Wards Program. PCAA funds the yearly insurance costs so that this program can take place at the Orange County Juvenile Hall. Teens that are struggling the most with discipline and social issues are selected to work with dogs from their shelter. The teens care for their dog, learn responsibility, disciplines and nurturing. Once the training is complete the dog gets a new home! This is a very successful program. We are proud to be a sponsor of this program. Donations are appreciated!
  • "Thinking for a Change" This program teaches basic life skills. Anger management and decisions making is also a component of this 22 week program. PCAA funds the pizza and cake for their graduation ceremonies for this accomplishment. We also attend some of the ceremonies to support their success!
  • "Giving Back" The two Youth Reporting Centers are a school environment for teens as an alternative to Juvenile Hall. The teens go to school daily but need financial assistance with school clothes, shoes, supplies, with field trips and basic needs. PCAA is helping those needs. They are rewarded for succeeding and we provide the funding for the reward which is a gift certificate to a fast food restaurant. This is a special treat for the teen. Two projects that are taking place now are making the most colorful and adorable flannel pillowslips for children in local hospitals. PCAA provided the sewing machines for this project and we want to fund the purchase of more materials. The other project is making blankets for the homeless. These blankets are very attractive and keep the homeless warm. They are made from plastic grocery bags! We provide boxes of bags in different colors so that the blankets have a look of high quality. These projects require continual funding and we are here to help them, with your assistance!

Why Join the Probation Community Action Association?

The Probation Community Action Association provides an opportunity for everyday citizens to get involved helping turn around young lives often bent on criminality and self-destruction, so they can grow into productive members of society.

Below are some of the "team benefits" of PCAA membership:

  • Opportunities to understand and see the criminal justice system "from the inside out" through tours of Probation facilities and viewing presentations on new criminal justice programs.
  • Receiving our newsletter, The Heart of Probation, which details the activities of PCAA's involvement in the community.
  • Opportunities to attend Luncheons throughout the county with great speakers. You can meet other PCAA members and supporters.
  • Volunteer opportunities to work one-on-one with juveniles on probation who desperately need good role models, tutors, and someone to take an interest in them.
  • Knowledge that you, simply by your membership, help to support anti-crime and anti-delinquency programs right here in Orange County.

Annual membership dues are $75 per person (includes immediate family) or $250 per business or private organization and are tax-deductible. To join, please contact Probation Community Action Association (PCAA). PCAA's IRS tax identification number is 33-0593079.

PCAA's IRS tax identification number is 33-0593079.. PCAA's IRS tax identification number is 33-0593079.

PCAA Activities