Drug Court

Orange County Juvenile Drug Court provides guidance, education, and treatment to young people who have come to the attention of the Juvenile Court for law violations and problems related to drugs and alcohol.

Multi-agency program resources provide assistance to young people and their families through a program that offers support, structure, supervision, and competency development. The goal is to provide a solid foundation to reduce recidivism and to achieve a healthy, productive, and drug-free lifestyle.

Juvenile held accountable before the Judge

Juvenile held accountable before the Judge

What is Juvenile Drug Court?

The goal of the Juvenile Drug Court is to support the offender's commitment to remain sober by providing the treatment and supervision needed to help the juvenile abstain from substance abuse and further criminal behavior. Drug Courts help the individual and the community by providing:

  • Accountability
  • Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse
  • Restoration of substance abusers to a productive place in the community
  • Educational accountability and development of employment skills
  • Personal development through treatment and counseling

Minors participating in the program are required to:

  • Attend frequent progress reviews with the judge
  • Participate in weekly self-help groups
  • Participate in group, individual, and family counseling
  • Follow the terms and conditions of probation and Juvenile Drug Court rules
  • Remain sober and drug free

The program is structured in 5 phases and can be completed in 1 year.

Orientation Phase (30 days)

Participants are indoctrinated into the program, see their probation officer up to three times a week, attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week, and attend a group counseling and an individual counseling session per week.

Phase 1 - Treatment (60 days) Participants learn about drug treatment and maintain education goals.

Phase 2 - Education (90 days) Participants will learn about long-term sobriety.

Phase 3 - Responsibility (90 days) Participants will accept employment and social responsibility.

Phase 4 - Aftercare (90 days) Follow-up and mentorship.