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Booked into Juvenile Hall

Photo: An arrested juvenile is brought to Juvenile Hall for booking

An arrested juvenile is brought to Juvenile Hall for booking

What It Means to be Booked & Admitted Into Juvenile Hall

It means that a police or other law enforcement agency has alleged the minor has committed a criminal offense and has brought that young person to Juvenile Hall for admission. If admitted, the juvenile loses the freedom to come and go, and must conform to all rules and regulations of the institution.

Decisions on whether to formally detain the youth pending a hearing in front of a Juvenile Court judge are made after the booking procedure.

When a Minor is Booked Into Juvenile Hall

  • The juvenile arrives by police vehicle into an enclosed drive-up area. He remains in the vehicle handcuffed until the gates are closed behind him.
  • The juvenile receives a brief medical assessment conducted by a medical nurse, answering questions to determine if he or she is fit to be booked into Juvenile Hall. If the juvenile has been injured in a car accident, is otherwise hurt or is intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, he or she will be taken to a medical facility for treatment, then may be returned to Juvenile Hall for booking.
  • The handcuffs are removed.
  • A clothed body search of the minor is performed. The minor empties all pockets, and removes his shoes, and then the clothing and shoes are checked for contraband. If the intake and booking areas are busy, the minor will be placed in a glassed-in holding cell until he can be further processed.
  • The juvenile is further evaluated to determine the following:

    • Emotional level and suicide risk
    • Drug history
    • The presence of tattoos and body piercings
    • Gang affiliation
  • Once the decision is made to admit the minor into Juvenile Hall:
    • The juvenile is photographed and fingerprinted.
    • The juvenile is examined by the medical staff:
      • A nurse will retrieve blood and urine samples and take vital signs.
      • The juvenile will get a complete physical examination within 72 hours of booking.
      • The parents are contacted to review medical and immunization history.
    • Until now the juvenile has been wearing his street clothes. A Deputy Probation Counselor of the same sex will escort the juvenile to a private shower area where:
      • The juvenile is thoroughly searched to ensure no contraband (such as narcotics, weapons, matches, lighters) has been brought in.
      • The juvenile takes a shower and is issued clean clothes (underwear, socks, shoes, pants and T-shirt).
      • The juvenile is assigned to an Intake Housing Unit.